not gonna lie- my heart hurts for uganda.  i miss it.  i miss the odd, pungent, smell. i miss the horribly constructed roads, even the carsickness that came with it.  i miss seeing chickens and cows and goats everywhere.  i miss it.

God knows when i’ll be back, but I don’t.  I hope soon, but for right now I am in a season of waiting.

so i am waiting (not so) paitiently for God’s perfect timing on my return

God is so good in his timing.

He is perfect.

He knew when I needed to be in Uganda, because that was when Alice needed to get back in school.

And, he knew that tonight, when I felt like this blog didn’t reach “enough” people. I saw this

Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 7.40.34 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-10-16 at 7.40.50 PM.png

This is a list of the countries that my blog has been viewed in since November 4, 2015.  To those of you who are reading this from another country, I am humbled that God would have you come to this blog, even though you are thousands of miles away from my home. If you are one of these people, I’d love for you to comment and say hi!!!

People, God is so good! He knows when your heart needs some encouragement and he gives it to you.

Okay- enough with that tangent… back to waiting.

Waiting on the Lord is hard.  Whether it is waiting for our eternal home, or waiting for the end of the period- so you can leave the class you don’t like, waiting to go on a trip, or for me, waiting for Uganda.

Hosea 12:6- Wait for your God continually.                                                                            Psalm 25:5 Lead me in Your truth and teach me, For You are the God of my salvation; For You I wait all the day.

These verses show us that God is faithful when we wait. He is our God and he knows the perfect timing.  Even though I might be sounding a tad redundant, please pay attention to this.  GOD KNOWS WHEN IS THE RIGHT TIME, HIS TIMING IS PERFECT.

Now, can any of you say that anything about you is perfect. I know that I can’t, the only one who is perfect is God himself.  It is hard to understand that, I know. God knows what you’re going through and he is with you.  He is there and he will deliver in his perfect timing.

So, this was really a blog post for myself.  Reminding myself that God is worth waiting.  And you know what, when God’s time is right, I will go back to Uganda.  I will go back to the pungent smelling bumpy roads, the traffic filled roundabouts in Kampala, the carsickness, and the goats and chickens and cows.  When God’s time is right.


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  1. Wow over 2000 views from the US! Well today you have one from Australia to go with it 🙂

    Ps. Good imagery of Uganda – I can picture the cows and chickens roaming around!

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