these are a few of my favorite things

if you haven’t already noticed, i love to letter + create new things. to be able to create effectively, you have to have the right tools. today i’m sharing with you some of my favorite tools to letter with

1. Micron Fine Line Pens

These pens are great for faux calligraphy and small fine details in a piece. They are also great for creating modern floral pieces.


2. Tombow Dual Brush Pens

Tombow is a GREAT company that makes quality pens. One side of this pen is a brush that reacts differently with pressure. This helps to get the thick and then strokes. The other side works like a felt tip pen. You can find these on Amazon and at Micheal’s.

3. Kuretake Bimini Brush Pen

This pen also reacts with pressure. It comes in different sizes, I have “small” and it is great for smaller projects. Keep in mind that neither these or the Tombows are permanent ink. It writes in a black ink and is great for a classic look.

These are just a few of my favorite things. Share your favorite lettering tool in the comments