one year.

It has been (almost) one year since I decided to take on the role of entrepreneur.  As a teenager, this wasn’t easy. I had (and have) to juggle the roles of student, athlete, and artist.  But, even though it wasn’t easy… IT IS WORTH IT.  Oh, so worth it! When I open the mail and see a letter from one of my kids thanking me for what I have done in their life- it’s worth it.  When I remember that the only reason these kids are able to go to school is because of this- it is worth it.  I am so thankful for everyone who has helped me get this far! For every person who has bought a canvas or shared my page, thank you!

If you don’t already, like my page on Facebook  (Letters For Luv) or follow me on Instagram  (@letters4luv).  I am hoping to get to 300 followers on Instagram by Thursday (the official first anniversary), so make sure to give a follow if you haven’t already.  There will be some exclusive excitement this week that you can only find on my social media pages.

Also, I am writing letters to my sponsor kids. If you would like to send them a note, message me on Facebook or send me a DM on Instagram.  Gertrude and Niko would love to hear from you! Look on my social medias for specifics.