Wrapping Up 2016

2016!!! WOW!

This year has been a whirlwind.  My favorite part of this year was by far my Uganda trip.  I would say that they were even some of the best days of my life.  Uganda changed me in so many ways.  Spiritually, Socially, and Emotionally.

Spiritually-  This trip made me more grateful to God.  It made me grateful that I live in America.  Before this trip I never would have even considered to be thankful for my birthplace.  I started to ask him WHY? Why was I placed in America and not Uganda.  Why was Alice born in Uganda and not in America.  You know why? “You were born for such a time as this” Esther 4:14.  God had the perfect timing and placement.  Of me.  Of Alice.  Of EVERYONE.

Socially-  I realized that I am W E A L T H Y.  I never considered myself that.  I was so much more privileged than the people in Uganda.  If I am wealthy, where does that put Bill Gates.  Also, Alice had realized that she probably wasn’t ever going to be able to go back to school, and she was already helping out at home.  She wasn’t crying inside the house wishing she was someone else.  She realized that her life was different now, and adjusted to it.  Now, in America, when I see someone who is more fortunate than me, I remember Alice, and all of my Ugandan friends.  The difference between the two is immense.

Emotionally- Now, my heart aches for Uganda. The smells. While they aren’t the greatest, they smell like UGANDA.  The food.  I miss beef stew and chapati.  I even miss the goat I ate, or the simple lunch of rice and beans.  The people.  The joy of the people, the excitement that they had to even see a white person “mzungu”.  Daily my heart aches for Uganda.  For all of these things I ache.

This year has been crazy, but Uganda was definitely a highlight.  I hope your 2016 was memorable and that your 2017 would be wonderful



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  1. What a privilege I have to be one of your grandmothers. As reflected on 2016 on of the things I was grateful for was the wonderful opportunity you and your mom had to visit your “home away from home”, the country of Uganda I’m so glad you met Alice and that you get to “care for” Gertrude.


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