Unpacking Uganda

As you might be able to tell, the site looks different.  That’s because I’m starting a new part of #allielovesuganda. Recently, I have been “unpacking my Uganda trip”.  Thinking about the people there and how I can help them.  Thinking about all the friends I made there.  Thinking about Alice and how much I miss her. When I first started this blog, it was a way to spread the word about my trip that was in March.  I raised support, prayer partners, and money through this blog- now I’m going to turn it around.  I am still going to use this blog as a way reach out and tell you about my experiences.  But, I am also going to use it as a platform to achieve one of my dreams.  I want to make Uganda a place that is #3 for it’s education instead of it’s poverty.  I want to help these vulnerable kids have three meals a day, and become straight A+ students, instead of sitting in a village illiterate and abused.

My goal is to sponsor a child with the support of this blog, in hopes that I can one day meet him/her.  Recently, I’ve become OBSESSED with painting. (I have some pictures of them below). To attain this goal of sponsoring a child, I would like to use this blog as a platform to sell them to make money for this child. Half of the profits will go to sponsor this awesome kid through the sponsorship program that Orphan’s Heart has.

10×10 canvas- $10
10×20 canvas- $15

canvas6canvas2canvas 8canvas 4canvas 3canvas7

(these are canvases I have already made- If you would like another saying, size or color, I’d be happy to make you one-  I love the challenge of customizing!)

Sponsorship costs $35/month.  I would need to sell anywhere from 5-7 canvases a month to raise the $35 a month. I’m not asking that you keep buying a canvas every month. What I’m asking is that you would do what I am doing and use your “platform”, and share this blog post.  This will help make a real difference in a child’s life.  Right now there are 54 children on the website from Uganda that need to be sponsored. And so many more that are on the list from around the world, waiting to be sponsored.

There are countless stories of how lives have been changed because of sponsorship.  When we were in Uganda, my mom and I worked with a missionary named Mamma Katherine.  She helps to run Hines Ugandan Ministries.  They partner with the clinic in Kamonkoli as well as with Genesis Primary School  Most of the people that work for Mamma Katherine were sponsored when they were a kid.  Sponsorship changed their lives from being desperate to helping kids in desperate need.

My goal is to be able to start sponsoring this child by September 1st.  By that time I would like to have around $75-100 so that I could have an extra month or two in case my canvases weren’t selling like they needed to.

I’ve also decided to share some of these kids pictures and stories with you, so you can help me decide which one to sponsor.


This is Faith.  She is one of little girls on the sponsor list.  She is five years old.  Faith’s birthday is June 9th- she just turned five.  She likes to jump rope, sing, and get water for her family.  There are 8 children in her home.  EIGHT!!!  Faith lives in a single family home with dirt floors, no electricity, and no running water


This is Rachel.  She is another sweet girl on the sponsor list.  She is 9 years old.  Rachel loves to go to school and is in 3rd grade.  Her family is unable to provide the school supplies she needs to go to school- how sad.


This is Gertrude.  Check out that pink shirt!  She is another little girl on the sponsor list.  She is 7 years old.  Gertrude does not go to school, but enjoys going to AWANA clubs on Saturdays.  Her father is not involved in her family, only her mother.


These are just a few- there are so many more.  If you would like to purchase a canvas, leave your order in the comments, and I will make it as soon as possible. Also- the best way for you to help me is to share my blog post with your friends and contacts.  The more people that know about the canvases the better!






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