A Letter From Alice

So, after all of the letters we sent to Alice, she sent one our way!!!!!  I am estatic.  I literally just checked the mail.

The letter was addressed to me and my mom, but since you all have prayed for her so diligently, I wanted to share!  These are Alice’s exact words.  You may not be able to understand every sentence, but you can hear her heart.  Some words in her language translate a little differently.

“Dear Allie,

How are you and your life?

Greetings from Alice to Allie

I am writing this letter to show you that I love you and for what you have done for me.  I am requesting that you continue praying for me my school fees and even me I am working hard so that I want to work hard in my primary learning examination.  I will be happy when I join secondary next year.  And I want to perform well at school.  I like studying and praying more than playing and at home I help my parents to work.  Like digging and cleaning the compound.  I thank you so so much for what you than.  I like beginning in boarding section more than in day.  I think your fine in America, and I am fine in Uganda.  I request you again to come back in Uganda.  Mum- I am so glad of you.  The next thing is that I like reading the Bible more than playing, and I pray for you to work hard at school.  The next is that we had athletic and I also participated well.  And I will study well to show you that I work hard in class and I listen to the teacher- what is teaching.  Singing is my best choice at school and even praying and even my parents advise me to work hard in my primary learning examination so that I can join secondary one next year.

May God Bless,

From your only friend,

Caroline Alice”


So this kind of made my day… Can you tell???  What Alice is saying is that she is very thankful for us keeping her in school and that she is trying to keep her grades up to make us proud.  The Primary Learning Examination is something that I have touched on before, but basically it decides if you are going to high school or “secondary” or not.  All Ugandan Children exiting 7th grade “P7″ must take this test to prove they are worthy and smart enough to move on to Secondary One.  My favorite part of this letter was this sentence ” I request you again to come back in Uganda”.  I also love that she loves to read her Bible.  I feel so privileged to have given that to her.    I  miss her a lot and cant wait to go back!!