palm sunday awana(The kids really enjoyed acting out Palm Sunday- Thanks to those who cut out all of these leafs…)

lining up for clothes(At each home visit, everyone who came got a brand new outfit.  These are the kids lining up to get their new clothes)kids with their crafts(After AWANA, these kids were so proud to show off their crafts and leafs)jerry cans on bikeDSC_0751

(When we walked home from AWANA, this little one snuggled with me.  Her name was Sarah)

allie reading to kids

(I got the amazing opportunity to read a Ugandan folk tale to these precious kiddos at the school)

donkey craft 2donkey craft(These kids were so happy to have a donkey figurine!!! Thanks to those who helped behind the scenes)DSC_0164(My sweet friend Moses)DSC_0521(Easter story station time!  These kids tried vinegar for the FIRST time! Their faces were hysterical)

Hello.  Sorry that I haven’t posted this sooner.  We have been really busy since we got back.  My experience in Uganda was life changing! Thank you so much to those who supported me through prayer or through finances. If I were to tell you everything that happened over my trip, we’d be here for days. The story I’m going to tell you is about a humble Ugandan teenager named Alice. Alice is 14 years old, and in 7th grade (P7, as they call it in Uganda). Both of Alice’s parents had abandoned her and her 7 siblings. UG-Mar-09-2016 Day 3 (2)(Alice’s stepmother takes care of her and her siblings)

Alice was the oldest of all of her siblings, the youngest being about two months old. About a week before we got there, Alice had been kicked out of school. She was kicked out, not because of behavioral issues, but because her uniform didn’t fit her and her family couldn’t afford to get her a new one. We met Alice on the Monday of our trip during a home visit in the village. We did some research and found out that it would cost less than $150 to get her back. The uniform only cost $6. That was some crazy perspective! This $150 paid for multiple uniforms, all of Alice’s school supplies, her mattress (In Uganda, from 6th grade and up you live at school), sanitary items, a box for all of her belongings, and 3 meals a day for the whole semester. Our team worked together to get the funds to be sure that Alice could go back to school as soon as possible. Allie and AliceOn Tuesday, I saw Alice at a Bible study and she told me how excited she was because she found out that she would be going back to school. She later asked me if I would “escort her” to school the next day. I said yes, of course. Wednesday morning, we woke up super early to walk Alice to school. She was so happy. So was I! I got to not only walk with her, but also present her a Bible and pray with her before her day began!Allie and Alice 3 We got her to the school and I quickly realized that we were obviously no longer in America. If this school was in America, it wouldn’t have passed any building regulations or codes, it would have had to have been torn down. It looked like it was about to crumble into little pieces. Alice’s room was also quite disheveled. Alice's room(Alice’s bed is the one without a mattress on it yet.  When we were there, it hadn’t been brought yet)

We were later reminded that it was better than her little hut that she shared with all 7 of her siblings and her stepmother. Again, with the crazy perspective. She went to school Wednesday, and we didn’t see her Thursday. But, on Friday, we were able to have lunch with her and tell Alice that our family was going to sponsor her. For $35 a month, we are able to change Alice’s life, give her an education for her future. Just recently, we sent her a care package. This care package had a pair of shoes, 5 pairs of brand new underwear, stickers, and a coloring book. Along with 24 letters!!! Thanks to those who wrote them.

Meeting Alice changed my life and my perspective! You can change a life as well by sponsoring a kid through Orphan’s Heart. For more information, visit their website at




  1. Oh Allie! This is beautiful and your pictures bring your story to life even more! I love your heart and the evidence of God’s love and provision. Looks like you and Alice became grand friends!


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