10 Days and Counting

Hello Everyone!  Our trip is quickly approaching, and we are so happy!

We were recently given our trip schedule.  I thought it would be cool to share our schedule with you so you could know specifically how to pray.

March 9- DEPARTURE!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 We leave Tampa at about 2:00PM (10:00PM Uganda Time)

March 10- We will arrive at Entebbe International Airport at about 3:00PM (11:00PM Uganda Time).  We will then drive about an hour to the capital city, Kampala.

March 11- We will shop in the capital city and exchange currency, afterwards we will get in a bus and take a 6 hour trip to  Kamonkoli.

March 12- Our first day of outreach!!!  Saturday is AWANAS in the community.  My mom and I have the awesome opportunity to share the Bible story of Palm Sunday and do a craft with these precious kids. We also will go to the market to get some fresh produce.

March 13- We will do Sunday school with the kiddos and adults from the community of Kamonkoli.  Again, we will be doing crafts with these kids.  We will tour the orphanage and organize clothes that have been donated for the community.

March 14- We get to tour the school and the medical clinic.  We will go on home visits to the sponsored kids and families and give them new supplies.

March 15- We have a really cool opportunity to do small group reading time with the kids at Genesis Primary School.  Then there will be a large assembly at the school where we share the Easter story.

March 16- We need a lot of prayer on this day. On this day, we go to Sipi Falls and hike to a waterfall, HIKE.  (If you know me and my mom, you know that hiking is not on the list of things we do!  LOL)

March 17- This looks like it might be my favorite day. We get to take the 1-3rd graders on a field trip to the source of the Nile, AND we get to take a safari. This is going to be really fun- for us, and for the kiddos taking the trip. We also get to tour a sugar factory there. How fun?

March 18- We get the pleasure of meeting the pastor of the church there, we do some more house visits and we get to eat at a African restaurant. That day, I might need prayer, since I am a picky eater- let’s just hope they have a simple chicken dish.

March 19-20- Travel Home 😦

I again would like to thank you all for your support.  A lot of you have sacrificed for me to be able to be going to Uganda, and I am grateful for that.