Ugandan Update

As I promised, above are the picture of the canvases that I have made so far.  Leave a comment below if you would like to buy any of these, they are each $10 and these proceeds will contribute to my Uganda fund.

I wanted to tell you some of the amazing things that have been happening even since my last post on Saturday morning.

Saturday night, there was a very fun get together hosted by a friend of ours from church, Dr. Mel.  It was to support a ministry called Sole Hope.  There, we made shoes from old jeans for children in villages in Uganda.  It was a multi-generational event, and I got the privilege to share my story to lots of ladies.  I also had the opportunity to pray for the children that will be receiving the shoes. For more information about making shoes… click here.

Then, Sunday morning, I had the amazing opportunity to share my story with 3 Sunday School classes at our church.  Most people are probably asking why I was asked to share in Sunday School classes, but here is the answer…  About 2 months ago, our church did a project called LOVE CHANGES LIFE.   I was privileged to serve on the committee that planned an event to bring Social Injustice to light in our church.  Sunday was Orphan Sunday and so we took the opportunity to update our church family on what has happened since the event.  The organization that I am going to Uganda with – Orphan’s Heart- was a part of the Love Changes Life Project so my trip is a way that we are seeing love change lives!  It was a special day.

Lastly, one of my favorite little girls from church has decided to make an organization called AFU- otherwise known as Allie For Uganda.  This little girl and her siblings are committed to get me to Uganda.  The masterminds behind AFU are diligently trying to get me to Uganda.

Speaking of Uganda…

In exactly 4 months, my feet will be touching Ugandan soil.  I leave March 9th and I will arrive on the 10th.  I decided that I should elaborate on what I am going to be doing in Uganda.

I will be

  • Helping provide medical treatment to community members through the Holmes Medical Clinic
  • Distributing clothing, mattresses and food to children and their families sponsored through Hines Ugandan Ministries
  • Working on the construction of new facilities for Hines Ugandan Ministries including children’s dorms, school and new clinic
  • Leading men’s and women’s Bible studies
  • Leading AWANA and VBS for children

I think that one of my favorite parts will be distributing the items to the sponsored families.  The people that are sponsored are in great poverty and have no support system other than the sponsorship program.

Again, I want to thank all of you for loving me and reading this.  Remember to comment if you would like one of the canvases.



  1. Very creative and cute Allie. I know God has called you to Uganda and can’t wait to see what your trip holds. I will pray for you and support you always.😘😋💗

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